Introducing our final round of speakers … and the full schedule!

We’re pleased as punch to introduce our final round of speakers for WordCamp Denver, and along with that, the full sessions schedule. In case it wasn’t obvious yet, we’re incredibly proud of the rockstar cast of speakers we’ve pulled together this year.

We’ve brought together talks on growth and marketing, development, design, business, eCommerce, and more. So whether you’re a WordCamp Denver veteran or this is your first WordCamp ever, we think the schedule has something for you.

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If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, we don’t recommend waiting too much longer. Ticket sales have been picking up the last week or so and we fully expect to sell out, so get your tickets today.

Let’s meet our final group of speakers:

Tracy Malone

Tracy MaloneTracy is the owner of a successful marketing company in Boulder – CoWEBop Marketing. Her team has been building websites for small businesses for over 20 years. She happily shares her knowledge with the WordPress community as a co-organizer of the Boulder WordPress Meetup.

Tracy will be co-hosting the Growth / Marketing Town Hall session with Amber Hinds.

Colin Dowling

Colin DowlingColin is the Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Media Temple, growing the company by bringing new technology and services to the hosting market.

Colin will be presenting a business talk on Leveraging Partnerships to Grow Your WordPress Development Business.

D’nelle Dowis

D'nelle DowisD’nelle is the owner of Berry Interesting Productions where her shenanigans include project managing, website building, email marketing, and SEO-ing. She will be coming in all the way from Nashville, TN, where she recently served as the lead organizer for WordCamp Nashville in September.

D’nelle will co-hosting the Business Town Hall with Vi Wickam and Miles Kailburn.

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David Hayes

David HayesDavid is a developer based in Fort Collins who has been working with PHP for almost a decade. He’s big into WordPress — he co-owns and runs the popular development tutorial site WPShout — but he’s got experience with everything from old school PHP to the latest and greatest of Symfony and Laravel.

This will be David’s second year speaking at WordCamp Denver. He will be co-hosting the Development Town Hall with Jon Bellah.

Jessica Wittmier

Jessica WittmierJessica is a strategic marketing consultant who specializes in content marketing. She has her hands in WordPress most days, doing things like optimizing copy for SEO, building forms, and writing blog posts.

Jessica will be co-presenting a design talk about How to Engage Users With Forms That Don’t Suck with Steve Wells.

Vi Wickam

Vi WickamVi “The Fiddler” Wickam has been on the bleeding edge of tech business since before he graduated from college and he created his first website around the same time that Larry and Sergey registered Vi has been building WordPress sites since 2008.

Vi will be co-hosting the Business Town Hall with D’nelle Dowis and Miles Kailburn.

Meg Delagrange

Meg DelagrangeMeg is the Creative Director for Wanna Pixel, Inc., a Denver-based web solutions company serving nonprofit organizations. She takes the ideas and puzzle pieces of information from clients and turns them into beautiful, interactive, accessible, and modern user experiences.

Meg will be co-hosting the Design Critique with Sonja Leix.

Steve Wells

Steve WellsSteve is the co-founder and UI/UX designer of Strategy11, the company behind Formidable Forms. He started building custom solutions for clients with WordPress 8 years ago. He loves getting out and meeting fellow WordPress folks and loves the community surrounding this great platform.

Steve will be co-presenting a design talk about How to Engage Users With Forms That Don’t Suck with Jessica Wittmier.

Miles Kailburn

Miles KailburnMiles is the Director of Technology and Co-Founder of Fort Collins-based Old Town Media. With a strong background in IT and passion for cutting-edge technology, Miles translates the fancy tech jargon so that the Marketing Department and the entire team can stay ahead of the curve.

Miles will be co-hosting the Business Town Hall with D’nelle Dowis and Vi Wickam.

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