Videos for all WordCamp Denver sessions are now available on WordPress TV!

Videos for all of WordCamp Denver’s 2016 sessions have now been published on WordPress TV.

Whether you missed a session you wanted to see, wanted to rewatch one,  or even if you couldn’t make it out to Denver this year and wanted to see what you missed out on, all 22 session videos are now available for your viewing pleasure.

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WordCamp Is Over Now What? – Feedback & Action

First a big thank you to all of the organizers, speakers, sponsors, attendees, and volunteers who helped create one of our best Denver events to date.

It was a great weekend and probably worth getting up early on your Sat. and Sun. mornings. But how do you get even more from WordCamp now that it’s over.

General Feedback

While it’s fresh in your mind we’d like to hear what you thought about this year and what you would like to see and do next time. The organizing committee really listens, so take 5 minutes to give us your input.

WordCamp Denver General Feedback Form

Take Action

The real value of any event is found in what you do when the event is over.

If you haven’t already, write down some quick notes to capture the ideas, connections, and inspirations from this weekend. The notes you made may be overwhelming, that’s o.k.

 Just pick one thing and do it.

That’s all it takes. Do just one thing. One of the recurring themes during the weekend is that imperfect action is better than no action.

I was asked on Sunday if there were closing remarks and we hadn’t planned on it. If we had gathered everyone together for a final thought, it would have been this message – take action.

Don’t think about it too hard, query, wp_query, ponder, procrastinate or ruminate – just do it.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what action you take just that you take it.

But first let us know what you think.

WordCamp Denver General Feedback Form

See you at the next Denver WordCamp.

Resources for Saturday’s CritiquePress session

In our series of town-hall style sessions, we’re excited to bring back CritiquePress this year – a hybrid town-hall / panel discussion. Meg Delagrange and Sonja Leix are excited to give the audience valuable real-time feedback for designs the audience has submitted in advance.

The design critique of each website is based on the following categories: User Flow, Storytelling, Layout, and Accessibility. After the critique, attendees can ask questions related to the reviews or the topic in general.

Here are some additional resources Meg and Sonja have put together for you:

Design & User Experience


What to Expect at WordCamp Denver This Weekend

We’re just days away from WordCamp Denver 2016!

Organizers are in the final stretch of bringing it all together, including great speakers, amazing sponsors, a terrific venue, and details on all the conference happenings. We have an exciting line-up of information for all things WordPress and there will be plenty of sponsor booths with lots of swag. Did we mention that we’re sold out?!

What’s New

We’re trying several new things this year we think you’ll be really excited about.

  • The schedule has five town hall-style sessions covering topics like eCommerce, growth & marketing, development, business, and community organizing. These provide a great opportunity to get answers from the experts to any burning questions you might have. Click on the session titles in the schedule to find out more.
  • On Sunday we’re debuting a special, conference-wide networking event called Social Sidebar: Hallway Track to the Max. It is an extension on the “hallway track” concept in providing an open forum to meet and interact with other attendees in our local WordPress community. All of our speakers, volunteers, and organizers will also be there.

Back by Popular Demand

We wouldn’t be WordCamp Denver without our traditions. And this year we’re following up on that promise by bringing back CritiquePress, the real-time website critique session as well as the Community Help Lounge where you can get expert WordPress help and advice.

Party on Garth

In a city known for craft beers, we’ve decided to offer an after party with a twist – Stem Ciders. It’ll be a chance to partake of some of Denver’s RiNo nightlife, whether you’re a drinker or not. The party starts Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and it’s a great chance to talk shop or not, make new friends, and enjoy some of their incredible ciders. No, really! Ciders!

 Other Stuff

  • If you’ll be driving to the conference on Saturday and Sunday, there is valet parking at the hotel but it’s pretty expensive ($20/day) so we recommend either parking nearby on campus or taking public transportation to the hotel.
  • Important reminder: Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday at 2:00 a.m., so make sure you set your clocks back one hour. Or at least hope your phone does it for you. You never know …
  • Also, we’re very excited about the official WordCamp Denver swag this year, and we hope you’ll find it as useful (and awesome) as we do.

We’ll see you Saturday morning. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m.!

Your WordCamp Denver organizers: Amber, Barbara, Corrinda, Drew, Gordon, Jeremy, Leah, and Patrick.

If You Miss WordCamp, You’ll Miss This: Speakers & Attendees Share Lessons Learned

We’re getting closer and closer to day one of WordCamp Denver.  Only 10 days and a handful of tickets left.

Haven’t gotten your ticket yet?  Carpe Diem!  Get your ticket now.

Still need a little convincing?

We asked some of our speakers and attendees what invaluable things they’ve learned and experienced at past WordCamps – why it is that they keep coming back year after year for more WordCamp goodness.  Here are some of their responses:

Almost everyone attending WordCamps is there for many of the same reasons I am.

Most everyone is open to meeting new people in the community. All it takes is 20 seconds of courage.

I learned that hosting is just as important as your code.

The people I meet at WordCamps are some of my best friends in the world.

At WordCamp I learned that others have already solved problems I am struggling to figure out on my own.

I’ve learned incredible things about how to run a successful web development business.  Being able to connect to people further along in their careers has been invaluable, and the business talks have provided me with actionable advice and new tools to improve my process and grow my business.

WordCamps have shown me that the community is infinitely supportive. So if you have a question or need help, just ask.

WordCamp speakers, volunteers, and attendees are invested in supporting others and helping them to grow.

No matter how much you *think* you know about WordPress there is always someone who knows something that you don’t.

Attending a WordCamp gave me a better grasp on website security – it’s more than just having a strong password, and I’m not sure I would have gotten that as quickly without the great talk I attended.

None of us has everything figured out and there’s always something new to learn.

You don’t have to be an expert to have something to contribute.

I learned that I wasn’t the most inexperienced person working with WordPress.

Not everybody is an expert, yet we all have something to contribute.  What you learned today someone else still doesn’t know.

At WordCamp I learned that the future of web design is about more than just building a mobile responsive website.

WordPress meetups and WordCamp talks have made me a better developer – being self-taught is great, but can only take you so far.  At WordPress events, I’ve learned big things like how to develop locally and use Git to version control my development, to small code tricks and refinements that speed up my process and have made my final product better.

Clearly, there’s a long list of reasons to attend a WordCamp.  Want to read more?  Check out these blog posts from past attendees of WordCamp Denver:

and blog posts from past attendees of WordCamps across the country and their big takeaways:

Whether you want to learn hard skills that will make you a better developer, marketer or business owner… whether you are interested in building personal relationships and business connections, there’s something at WordCamp Denver for you.

Get your ticket now and don’t miss a thing!