WordCamp Is Over Now What? – Feedback & Action

First a big thank you to all of the organizers, speakers, sponsors, attendees, and volunteers who helped create one of our best Denver events to date.

It was a great weekend and probably worth getting up early on your Sat. and Sun. mornings. But how do you get even more from WordCamp now that it’s over.

General Feedback

While it’s fresh in your mind we’d like to hear what you thought about this year and what you would like to see and do next time. The organizing committee really listens, so take 5 minutes to give us your input.

WordCamp Denver General Feedback Form

Take Action

The real value of any event is found in what you do when the event is over.

If you haven’t already, write down some quick notes to capture the ideas, connections, and inspirations from this weekend. The notes you made may be overwhelming, that’s o.k.

 Just pick one thing and do it.

That’s all it takes. Do just one thing. One of the recurring themes during the weekend is that imperfect action is better than no action.

I was asked on Sunday if there were closing remarks and we hadn’t planned on it. If we had gathered everyone together for a final thought, it would have been this message – take action.

Don’t think about it too hard, query, wp_query, ponder, procrastinate or ruminate – just do it.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what action you take just that you take it.

But first let us know what you think.

WordCamp Denver General Feedback Form

See you at the next Denver WordCamp.